Friday, April 3, 2009

Emotion is the force of life

This TED video is truly amazing! Tony Robbins is a coach, or - better said - an expert in leadership psychology. In twenty minutes time, he introduces his views on how people can optimize their performance. He asks: What makes the difference in the quality of people's lives? He says it's all about the Science of Achievement and the Art of Fullfillment- and the latter is based on appreciation and contribution.

What is it that shapes us? According to Robbins, decision is the ultimate power. Al Gore sits in the audience and gets told that he could've become president of the United States, basically if he would've tried harder. Tony argues that its not lack of resources that makes us fail, but lack of resourcefulness. If you work from your human emotion, that's when you win. The last part about 911 gave me the creeps (especially since I was also in Hawai'i at that time). Very very powerful talk - do watch it!

This is what I mean; anything you'll tell us during your fifteen minutes of fame will be great, as long as you tell us with emotion. Say 'AI'!