Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fifteen Minutes of Fame - Looking back (Part 2)

Power of Printing

Philippe, who used work in the printing business, explained to us what it is that still makes him tick about this field. He told us about all the possibilities there are for printing documents and what process actually lies behind printing a book. It was truly amazing to see that there is so much we, as normal consumers, don't know about.

Everybody can dance salsa

Sarah is a salsa enthusiast. As she has basically taken courses at all salsa schools in Amsterdam, it wasn't surprising she shared her salsa knowledge with us. Her plea is that everyone can dance salsa as long as you feel the rhythm. I think we did pretty well!

'Lekker dansen'

Maike is a dancing queen and wanted to get everybody to let loose and just dance. As people hardly just dance spontaneously, Maike started organizing 'Lekker Dansen' (this time at Fifteen Minutes of Fame was actually a try-out). She gives suggestion on what to do with the music she's selected. She plays music ranging from classical, to rock and hiphop - anything basically and tells the group to either dance together or alone with your eyes closed, or 'big' or expressing something.


Nicolas (in the picture making his final preparations) was worried about his presentation and that worry is what he shared in his presentation. He explains how the process of coming up with a subject went. After mentioning all the hobbies and interests he could've discussed, he moved on to the things he really believes in. He shared some management knowledge (big rocks before small rocks) and then explained how he sees people as the strings on a guitar. Everyone has his or her own resonance and when people interact a new sound is born.

Unlimited imagination

Being a software engineer, Tommy explained to this mixed group (with regards to knowledge about software) what the world of software looks like. Basically, anything is possible. Unlike most fields, in software many things have not been done yet and need to be build from scratch. That gives space for imagination and creativity.

Personal Mission Statement

The big Stephen Covey fan I am (His book 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is mentioned first on the list in the picture), I gave the group the basic 'rules' for writing a personal mission statement and asked them to make a start right then and there. Since I wanted people to be able to write down anything, we didn't share the outcomes. I am, however, very curious to see what everyone wrote and whether they actually live by their statements now...

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