Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

It is seldom that we talk about the things that we really love or we know a lot about to people that do not share that exact same passion or are not in our field of work. What a pity!

After discovering TED, I realised once again that it is possible to explain something difficult in just fifteen minutes and that (with the right tools) you can get someone else to be enthusiastic about it too.
Here are some ways to do it:

Dave Eggers about a great homework project he does with public schools in the US

Majora Carter fights environmental racism in the Bronx

CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, tells you to always stay hungry


  1. south by southwest interactive is also a good source of inspiration !

  2. I saw this speech some weeks ago. It was impressive and a true motivation to live instead of imagining how to live.